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Bad relationships with the supervisor or the visibility that they are bad

“It was precisely to this tutor I really did not want to”

“This tutor me exactly fill up”

“I am very afraid of this uchruka, he is angry and scary”

This topic is related, at least to the child-to-parent relationship, to interpersonal relations and much more.

But you have no time for the trial now. You can return to these topics later, after defending a thesis, there will always be time for this, there would be a desire. And today, based on your most urgent tasks, you can do the following.

Divide (for yourself and conditionally, of course) your naukruk into two parts: “Scientific. Hand. Scientific. Hand.” and “Scientific. Hand. Man.”

That is, proceed from the fact that this person has a function to be a supervisor of studies. This is his professional duty and function. If you have dealt with clause 11, then there will be no problems with this item.

Decide on how you feel about him and from “which side” you should “approach” him as “just a person” or, exactly, as a “function”. Which option is the most correct you know better. Do not forget about the “Zone of Control” coaching tool, it can also be applied in relations with a “difficult teacher”.

As you noticed, we mainly talked about the motivation and writing of the thesis, and not about the protection procedure itself. With proper and correct understanding of one’s own motivation and the defense will pass away like “smoothly” even if there are some troubles along the way. They are all experienced and will pass.

The word “defense” is often taken literally. If you need to defend yourself, then someone will attack. Fear has large eyes, with such an attitude and anticipation of an attack you will certainly find this attack or you will provoke it yourself.

In modern reality, if the university “brought” you to the status of a graduate student, then most likely no one will “fill up” you, you could have been expelled before, and you need to try very hard to get “unsatisfactory” to defend a thesis.

By the way, keep in mind that they are not defending a diploma. Diploma issue. These are such blue or red “crusts”.

It does not need to be defended, it lies in the university warehouse and is waiting for you. You defend not a diploma, but a thesis (a thesis project).