Term paper outline example

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Thus, the user during data entry is only enough to select the desired value from the proposed list. So for entering the age of the respondent, a scale of 100values (18–118) is provided, the sex of the respondent is a scale of two values (male, female), and his education is a scale of three values (primary, secondary, higher). To enter the results of the survey in the user screen, it is desirable to provide two fields “YES” and “NO”, which are selected by the user.Entering the questionnaire is possible only if one of these fields is selected, which ensures the integrity (completeness) of each list entry.

If this condition is not met, a corresponding error message is displayed. To enter the completed questionnaire in the list in the user screen there is a button “ENTER”. To visually display the input process at the bottom of the user screen, it is advisable to provide a message “TOTAL RESPONSIBLE: people”. It is desirable to produce the output of the program’s work using the custom screen 2. The formed list of respondents is viewed both in the forward and reverse directions by pressing the “Previous” and “Next” keys, while the serial number of the questionnaire is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Statistical information on responses to requests can be displayed, for example, in the lower part of the user screen 2.

The ability and efficiency of the implementation of most algorithms depend on how the data is organized. Therefore, the design of the program must begin with the development of the structures necessary for the presentation of input, intermediate and even output data.

This takes into account many factors, such as restrictions on the volume (size), the allowable range of values, the required accuracy, and the speed requirements of the program.

A typical example of the design of this section for the considered statement of the problem is as follows.

DESCRIPTION OF THE USED DATA STRUCTURES To store the completed questionnaires in accordance with the formulation of the problem, it is necessary to organize a linear bidirectional list in the program. The list item must have a description (structure)